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Put information to work for you in everyday ways.
There’s more to utilizing information than just having it on your computer.  That’s why Twigs makes it super easy to generate PDF (Portable Document Format) files for viewing, printing, emailing or transferring to your smartphone.
Are you a professional organizer?
Our unique combination of strategies, methods and software puts you on the fast track to being organized.  Everything is based on a solid foundation of principles that have long been recognized as the effective ways to bring order to your surroundings and efficiency to your efforts.
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Powerfully Simple Organizing
Your Personal Knowledge Base
Imagine a place on your computer where you can keep all the details—all those twigs of information—that can help you in your daily life. Imagine that they’re organized in ways that are meaningful to you ... and that they’re searchable so you can summon anything up with a keyword or two. Now imagine that you can put your information to work for you in everyday ways with only a couple of clicks of your mouse. With Twigs, knowledge becomes an organizing resource.
Done Done Done
And the more easily you can summon them up when you need them, the better.  Twigs has the capacity to keep all the clippings, articles, ideas, quotations, drafts, memories and trivia you might ever want to collect.  They’re all at your fingertips in a centralized Personal Knowledge Base, where you can find anything with a keyword or two.
It’s the Information Age and information is central to every aspect of life.  Your personal computer is the very best device to help you manage information and benefit from it in everyday ways.  Yet PCs have a well-deserved reputation for being tedious and difficult to use.  This is where our Twigs software comes in.  Twigs turns your personal computer into an information appliance that’s easy and convenient to use.
What if you could be better organized without putting a lot of effort into it? What if your personal computer could be made easy to use, so it could help you in everyday ways? What if applying some simple methods in your daily life put you on an easy path to being and staying organized?
Introducing ... a fresh new approach    to getting organized.
Our software and methods provide a solid foundation for organizing a dozen different aspects of your life ... from keeping your todo lists to tracking medical information ... and from managing passwords for web sites to organizing and accessing your digital photos.
A key to success in organizing is to use methods that give you the result you want, with the least additional effort.
Getting organized is a gift, really.  A gift to yourself, that pays back year after year. But organizing can be a gift to others, as well.  If you know someone who’s struggling, let them know about this web site and the ideas behind our solutions. 
The Information Solution
The Organizing Solution
With Twigs, your personal computer becomes the center of your information world — and a powerful tool for organizing your activities, documents and possessions.
Organizing as a Gift
A foundation of time-honored principles … to guide your decisions and help you know why this works. Step-by-step Lists and Checklists … that you tailor into an organizing plan to fit your situation and goals. Powerfully Simple Software  … to make it easy for you to build and carry out your personalized plan. Shortcut Methods … that let you gain more benefit from less effort. Recommended Resources … because so much has been done by so many, we point you to solid sources for delving deeper into individual aspects of organizing.
The 5 Parts of Powerfully Simple Organizing
The entire approach is based on methods that incorporate your personal goals and preferences right into the process.  Every aspect is tailorable, list-by-list, entry-by-entry.  The result is a plan that fits your situation and a plan that you believe in.  Because a plan you believe in is a plan you can do.
Life is details.
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An entire system for organizing!